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Can CBD Oil help you quit smoking?

Can CBD Oil help you quit smoking?

By Spike Bowan   |   August 26, 2017

Despite the fact that tobacco smoking in the United States has fallen by almost 50% in the past two decades, cigarettes still cause almost 500,000 deaths in this country every year. That figure makes cigarettes the number 1 cause of preventable death and illness in the United States, with a terrifying 1 in 5 deaths linked in some way to smoking.


Can CBD Oil Help With Smoking Cessation?

Due to the grim outlook and multitude of disease vectors associated with tobacco use, many of those addicted to the plant try to quit the habit every day. Unfortunately, we’re all familiar with the low rate of success among tobacco users who try to quit. Thankfully, there are many tried-and-true methods to quit smoking including nicotine patches, gum, and behavior therapy. It’s in this environment that some have been asking if CBD can help tobacco users quit smoking.


Can You Use CBD to Stop Smoking Cigarettes?

With the legalization of CBD in the last several years, cigarette smokers have been experimenting with CBD as a potential method to give up smoking. CBD may help support healthier habits, leading tobacco addicts to wonder if CBD can be incorporated into a stop-smoking strategy that will work for them. CBD also may help alter mood, encouraging a sense of calm. As any cigarette smoker can tell you, the building sense of anxiety after the last cigarette, if left unchecked, can often trigger the desire to light up a cigarette.

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Can Vaping CBD Oil Help You Quit Smoking?

It’s a common trope that one of the challenges that prevents smokers from quitting is the oral fixation that comes with smoking cigarettes. Many smokers who try to quit smoking tobacco turn to gum, candy or snacks to replace their smoking habit. While this strategy may be successful in some cases, there’s no doubt that the extra calories from the sugar in candy aren’t making anyone healthier. And while nicotine gum can help soothe the cravings for cigarettes, the nicotine molecule in the gum isn’t healthful. It’s for this reason that many consumers turn to vaping CBD oil to help encourage a sense of calm—and to replace the oral fixation that comes from smoking cigarettes.


What Are the Benefits of CBD When Trying to Quit Smoking?

Since CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, depending on the brand of CBD you choose, it may represent an all-natural choice for smokers. The positive mental support that CBD provides can be delivered in a variety of methods, including vaping, tinctures, creams, and even gummies. What’s more, CBD may provide a wide range of vital benefits, from helping to support healthier habits to encouraging clear-headedness.


The content on this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. While research has shown that CBD has the potential to help provide beneficial outcomes for several complaints, it is advisable to seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care provider when you have questions regarding any medical condition and when starting, augmenting or discontinuing any existing health routine.

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