Using CBD for Restless Leg Syndrome

Using CBD for Restless Leg Syndrome

By Meredith Summers   |   December 11, 2017

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is a condition that affects one in every 10 adults, and 1 out of every 50 children. The symptoms can be quite frustrating to those who have it. Current treatments include everything from dopamine supporters to regular exercise. Doctor recommendations are often not very practical for many patients, either because they fall short of decreasing symptoms or because the prescriptions are expensive or extreme enough that it’s not worth trying. See how CBD oil may be a key factor in giving people another option when it comes to their disorder.

RLS Facts

Like so many conditions that CBD may be able to help treat, no one really knows what causes RLS. There are strong indicators that genetics play a major role, as do other related conditions such as depression or pain disorders. RLS is eased when people seek treatments for these chronic conditions. RLS can often be confused with tingling or involuntary jerking, which is common for people with conditions such as arthritis and diabetes.

Symptoms of RLS range from mild to severe, and it’s often misdiagnosed in the medical community. The chief complaint from those who have it report a feeling in their legs of sheer excitement. They may liken it to a cup of coffee running through their veins, and they report that the sensations are strongest when they’re lying in bed at night. If they see a medical professional for it, usually there is no obvious cause for the feelings.

CBD Potential

Currently, there is one company attempting to develop a type of gum that may be able to treat RLS, but the fact of the matter is that you may not need to take a special gum for it. CBD oil is a known muscle relaxant, and one small study has already shown cannabis to be a potential way to help with those restless feelings.

Feline cbd hemp oil tincture

In France, 83% of those who used cannabis were shown to have their RLS symptoms alleviated completely. While this number is almost statistically irrelevant considering there were only six people in the study, it’s also not all surprising. CBD oil is associated with helping both anxiety and insomnia, which are two general conditions that people with RLS are known to have.

The side effects of the drugs that can be used to treat RLS can be truly awful, and some report the side effects are worse than the actual RLS.

Additional Advice

It’s not always advisable to use anything to treat RLS, especially when proper diet and exercise may do wonders for reducing the jitters if not eliminating them completely. If your symptoms aren’t really affecting your life in any real way, then you can chalk RLS up to an odd sensation that can be easily ignored. There are no known health risks that come with having RLS as your only symptom. However, it should be noted that RLS can be known to reduce sleep quality and quantity, and there are a lot of known health risks that come with not sleeping properly.  

If you do plan to use CBD oil to help your symptoms, it’s recommended that you either inhale or use nanotechnology for fast relief. Taking it orally will take much longer to kick in, which can be frustrating for a condition as immediate as RLS. There are no current guidelines about how much one might take. Those with RLS may want to use the guidelines for those with general anxiety and then adjust from there. It should be noted that CBD products will not produce psychoactive effects, regardless of how much you take.


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