CBD American Shaman Buyer’s Guide

CBD American Shaman Buyer’s Guide

By David Nadel   |   February 04, 2020

Buyers Guide for CBD

Whether you’re totally new to the world of hemp or a highly experienced CBD user, you might feel a little intimidated when you first visit CBD American Shaman.  Look – we can hardly blame you.  Our company offers such a massive array of uniquely formulated products, that choosing the right one for your specific needs and preferences can seem like an overwhelming endeavor.

However, the reality is that we offer so many products because we know that every CBD user has their own unique goals in mind, and a big part of accomplishing those goals is choosing the right product wisely.  That’s why we’ve made this buyer’s guide. We’re going to break down all of the product categories that we offer while also helping you figure out how to choose the best products so that you can have the most satisfying hemp experience possible.


What Should You Consider Before Buying Any CBD Product?

Before we discuss the types of products that we sell, we first need to talk about the ways in which you can know for sure what it is that you want out of your personal CBD experience.  There are a lot of decisions that one must make before they commit to a product intended for daily use. 

Here are some factors to think about before you explore what we have to offer:


Factor #1: Your Particular Goals and Needs

You have to figure out what it is that you’re trying to accomplish, as this will largely determine the type of product that’s right for you.  For one thing, are you taking CBD for wellness purposes or for targeted relief? And, are you trying to commit to a daily high-dose routine, or just want to have some CBD on the shelf for those moments when you need a little extra something?  Another thing you want to consider is whether you’re trying to take CBD for a localized issue or something going on internally, as different products target different areas of the body due to the way in which they are absorbed.


Factor #2: Your Preferred Delivery Method

You may know that there are a few different ways to consume CBD.  One way is to vape CBD, another way is to consume CBD edibles, and then there are CBD topicals for localized administration, CBD capsules and pills for easy absorption through the digestive tract, CBD oils and tinctures for easy daily administration and more.


Factor #3: Your Preferred Strength

CBD products come in a variety of milligram strengths.  The milligram strength refers to the number of milligrams of hemp compounds.  It’s a good idea to decide ahead of time if you want a low, medium or high-potency product, as this will make it easier to make the right purchase later on.  Your potency level should be based primarily on your unique needs as well as your body weight.


Factor #4: Whether or Not You Want a Flavored CBD Product

Tinctures, vape oils and edibles can all contain delicious flavoring extracts, and this can make the act of taking your daily dose of hemp more enjoyable overall.


CBD American Shaman Products

Now, let’s break down the major product categories available on our website.


Category #1: CBD Oils

CBD Oils are highly versatile products that combine hemp extract with a carrier oil.  Their main application is sublingual, which means that the CBD oil is held under the tongue so that it quickly absorbs via this highly absorbent tissue.  This is referred to as a tincture. CBD oils can also be added to foods and can be applied topically to the skin. They can last for hours and require about fifteen to thirty minutes before activation. 

Some of our CBD oils double as vape oils, which means that they can be used with a vaping device.  When CBD is vaped, it acts within minutes and is felt relatively potently.


Category #2: CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are CBD products that are ingested, such as candies, baked goods and snacks.  We offer a wide array of edibles for every palate. CBD edibles can take up to two hours to peak, but can last for hours at a time, making them extremely popular.  CBD edibles tend to be felt more subtly because of the absorption method via the digestive tract.


Category #3: CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are also digested, but unlike edibles, they are swallowed down rather than being chewed like a food item.  CBD capsules are great for those who already take daily tablets containing vitamins and supplements, as they can act as another capsule to incorporate in your daily routine.  Sometimes, capsules are formulated with additional active ingredients in order to target something specific.


Category #4: CBD Flower

CBD flower is the rawest, purest form of CBD there is, as it is simply the dried flower picked directly from the hemp plant.  CBD flower naturally contains the full spectrum of compounds in hemp, so if you want to enjoy the rawest forms of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, this is a great way to go.  CBD flower is typically smoked or vaporized, so you must have the right device to enjoy this product properly.


Category #5: CBD Tea

CBD tea allows you to ingest CBD in the form of a delicious herbal tea.  It absorbs into the body in the same manner as edibles but may be extra enjoyable among those who already drink tea as a hobby.


Category #6: CBD Water

CBD water is a water-based beverage that contains hemp extract.  This product uses nanotechnology to make CBD water-soluble, which actually allows for faster absorption than many other methods that are out there today.  Our CBD water is enhanced with a variety of natural ingredients that allow it to taste absolutely delicious and refreshing.


Category #7: CBD Skincare

CBD skincare refers to a type of topical product with the primary focus of enhancing one’s skin.  They are used as a part of anyone’s beauty routine, and come in many forms, including moisturizers, serums and cleansing products.  CBD skincare is formulated with ingredients shown to benefit the layers of the skin while simultaneously providing you with a generous dose of topical hemp.  Research shows that CBD receptors exist in the skin itself, making this a very popular type of product.


Category #8: CBD Pet Products

CBD pet products are quickly becoming a hot market, and this has to do with the fact that recent research shows that all mammals process cannabinoids in the same manner.  We offer CBD products for cats, dogs and horses. Each animal requires a specific formulation that’s mostly based on their body weight, so if you do choose to give your pet CBD, make sure that you only give them a product that is specially formulated for their species.

We offer a range of pet products including treats that taste absolutely delicious.  We also specialize in CBD pet oils that can be used in a number of ways. Popular applications for CBD pet oils include topical administration, sublingual administration and digestive administration, which is accomplished by mixing the CBD oil with your pet’s food.  Most pets have no problem with the natural taste of hemp.


Category #9: CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are very unique in that they allow users to target a specific area using the power of hemp compounds.  This allows users to enjoy the properties of CBD without consuming the compound internally. This is ideal for localized issues as well as people who desire relief within the skin and muscular tissue.  Topicals absorb into the skin quickly, reaching the muscular tissue within minutes, and sticking around for up to several hours.

We offer a variety of topical formulas so that users can decide which one suits them best.  Our best-sellers are our CBD cream, which is a rich, moisturizing formula, and our CBD lotion, which is a thinner formula that absorbs within just a few minutes.


An Enormous Selection of High-Quality Hemp Goods

As you can see, our selection of products is pretty big and diverse. Our products are made with potent CBD, exceptional ingredients and scientifically developed formulas. Before long, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a fully customized hemp routine from CBD American Shaman.

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