THC Free

  • Yes
  • No

Flavor / Count

  • Harvest Apple - 10 count
  • Harvest Apple - 30 count
  • Mandarin Orange - 10 count
  • Mandarin Orange - 30 count
  • Cherry – 30 count
  • Cherry – 15 count
  • Watermelon – 30 count
  • Watermelon – 15 count
  • Peach – 15 count
  • Peach – 30 count


  • Watermelon
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Blackberry
  • Tropical
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Watermelon
  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Sour Watermelon
  • Sour Blue Raspberry
  • Sour Tropical
  • Sour Blackberry

What are CBD Gummies?

CBD Gummies are consumable supplements that contain cannabidiol (CBD) oil. CBD Gummies should only be consumed as directed by taking 1 or 2 gummies, or about 20-25 mg of CBD, per day. CBD gummies are made with full spectrum hemp oil extracted from high-quality non-GMO hemp grown in the USA. The hemp oil is then infused into gummies to create a convenient way to consume CBD.


CBD Gummy Products

CBD Gummies from CBD American Shaman are made with a special full spectrum hemp oil that has naturally occurring terpenes. The benefit of using oil with naturally occurring terpenes in our gummies is that it provides a more well-rounded and holistic effect on the body. Choose from mixed-flavor gummies or choose from our variety of flavors of artisan gummies. CBD gummy products make your daily serving of CBD a satisfying experience. All of our CBD Gummies are made with non-GMO hemp, grown in the USA, powered by our proprietary nanotechnology, and lab tested to ensure purity and potency standards. Find the right product for you in our selection of CBD gummies.


Sugar Free CBD Gummy Drops

  • $14.95

In Stock

EXTRACTED IN USA: American Shaman's CBD Gummy Drops are a great way to get your daily serving of CBD, containing 15mg of nano-emulsified full spectrum CBD per gummy drop.

10mg CBD Gummies

  • $29.95

In Stock

UPC: 819545020721

EXTRACTED IN USA: ADULT Gummy supplement offers a convenient way to consume CBD, with each piece containing 10mg of the compound.

Nano CBD Gummies

  • $34.99

In Stock

These gummies bring a new form of CBD to our gummy line with our proprietary nanotechnology process putting nano cannabidiol into a gummy. We have two popular flavors Watermelon and Peach that are perfect with nano’d CBD.

Sample Pack of Gummies

  • $14.95


UPC: 819545028208

EXTRACTED IN USA: Assortment of 10 Gummies

CBD Artisan Gummies

  • $34.95


CBD Artisan Gummies are the perfect way for discreet servings while delivering all the benefits of our High Quality CBD Hemp Oil with naturally occuring terpenes and flavonoids.

CBG Gummies

  • $34.99

In Stock

Our Best CBG Gummies are chewy rings containing CBG and other cannabinoids. CBG, or cannabigerol, is produced in the trichomes of hemp and cannabis plants. CBG being nanoed was a game changer and the CBGo water soluble has really impressed people with boosts in energy, focus and all the normal benefits of CBG.*

Sugar Free CBD Artisan Gummies

  • $34.95

In Stock

EXTRACTED IN USA: Get all the benefits of CBD gummies with none of the sugar. These Sugar Free CBD Artisan Gummies are the perfect way to deliver all the benefits of our powerful hemp oil—with no added calories from sugar.

CBD Energy Gummies

  • $34.95

In Stock

Give your energy levels a boost with CBD Energy Gummies, which combats occasional sleepy, sluggish feelings.* With our blend of CBD, green tea, and vitamins B6 and B12, these gummies can help to support your focus and mental clarity.*

What Are The Benefits of CBD Gummies?

CBD Gummies may offer potential benefits such as relief from irritation, support for positive mental health, and support for mood.* Each gummy has a precise amount of CBD so that you can make sure you’re taking the amount you want. The specific serving size allows you to have a convenient and simple way to choose what you need! You don't have to take our word for it, our reviews show that CBD Gummies are an incredible way to consume CBD and get the results you're looking for. CBD gummies may provide a useful alternative delivery method for those who prefer not to use traditional forms of CBD.

CBD Gummies are convenient and discreet to use, help you pick a specific serving size while also being divisible into smaller milligram amounts, and promote relaxation.* CBD Gummies may also provide support for occasional sleep difficulties but our specially formulated CBNight gummy with CBN is designed to help with occasional sleep issues. CBD American Shaman lab tests all products to make sure they meet strict purity and potency standards. So if you want to know if CBD Gummies will work for you, try one of our hemp oil gummies today!


Why buy CBD Gummies from CBD American Shaman?

CBD American Shaman is a trusted source of CBD Gummy products. We follow only the best industry standards, making our Hemp Oil the most effective and the highest quality on the market today. Our proprietary nanotechnology makes our CBD Gummies something you have to give a try compared to others on the market to see for yourself. Gummies made with nanotechnology or nanoemulsions are an innovative way to get more value for the consumer, you'll notice the difference.

Beyond that, every batch of our products is lab tested internally and by a third party to ensure that every product meets our strict purity and potency standards. All CBD American Shaman products are made with the best organic, non-GMO hemp grown in the USA.  



CBD Gummy FAQs

What should I look for when choosing CBD Gummies?

Pay attention to the ingredients listed in each product and make sure they match your needs. CBD gummies made with organic, non-GMO ingredients, sugar and sugar-free options, diabetic friendly options, and natural flavoring may aid in avoiding allergies. Our CBD gummies use organic ingredients whenever possible, but each product varies. Check each product page to see more ingredient details. You should also be looking for full-spectrum gummies to get the best "entourage effect" on your endocannabinoid system (ECS).* 


Which CBD Gummy product is right for me?

Our standard CBD Gummies contain 10mg per gummy and come in bottles of assorted flavors. These are good for people who want to take smaller servings of 10mg at a time. Our artisan CBD gummies come in bags of each of our single select flavors. If you want all your gummies to taste the same, these are a great choice for you. Artisan gummies also contain 25mg of CBD per gummy, so they are good for people who want a little bit more CBD each time. If you are watching your sugar intake or need to focus on higher quality ingredients, take a look at our carefully crafted gummy drops. These have been designed to be as beneficial as possible from an ingredient standpoint with no preservatives.


Are CBD gummies comparably effective to other CBD products?

Since CBD Gummies are edible products, they are a slower way to absorb CBD into the bloodstream. However, that doesn’t make them less effective, it just makes the time to effectiveness a little longer. If you’d like a more immediate absorption, water soluble CBD products are the fastest way to absorb CBD, alongside smoking CBD joints. Make sure to take notice of our proprietary nanotechnology and see for yourself the difference when comparing to other gummies on the market. You'll notice onset of our gummies is around 30 minutes - 45 minutes compared to up to 1 1/2 hours for others.


What effects should I expect from CBD Gummies?

When you consume CBD Gummies for the first time, you may or may not feel any effects depending on how much you consume and whether you have used CBD before. If you do feel effects, you can expect them to arise about 30 minutes after consumption on a nanoemulsion formulation. The effects are likely to be a sense of relaxation and calm, a positive mood, and relief from mild irritations.* 


How do CBD Gummies work?

CBD Gummy products work by entering the bloodstream through the digestive system. This is the slowest way to get CBD into the bloodstream, but it is still highly effective and only takes 30 minutes to 1 hour. Once it is absorbed into the bloodstream, the CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which helps regulate the body’s state of homeostasis.* This is how the effects of CBD occur.


How many CBD Gummies should I eat?

CBD gummies are a discreet & convenient way to benefit from hemp oil. Our original CBD gummies have 10mg of CBD per piece, so you can take up to 2 per day. Our artisan CBD gummies have 25mg of CBD per gummy, making them the strongest CBD gummies in our lineup! Just one of our artisan gummies contains a full serving of CBD. Consume our high-quality CBD gummies daily or as needed.


How long do the effects of CBD Gummies last?

The effects of CBD can last anywhere from 2 to 6 hours. It depends on how much CBD you consumed, and how your body handles CBD. This is why we provide general guidelines for how much CBD to try consuming each day but encourage our customers to start small and adjust according to their experience. Some people may find that just a tiny serving of CBD per day meets their needs, while others may enjoy using multiple CBD products multiple times per day. The effects of CBD are not mind-altering or intoxicating, so no matter how short or long the effects last, they won’t affect your daily life negatively. We do have a line of Delta 9 gummies that do have psychoactive effects and care should be taken with small serving sizes to start with these.


Do CBD Gummies contain THC?

THC is a cannabinoid known for its “high” or intoxicating effects. Our full spectrum CBD products contain < 0.3% THC content, which is in compliance with the legal limit and produces absolutely no psychoactive effects. We also offer a lab-tested and guaranteed THC-free version of our CBD gummies products. In addition to this, we have a Delta 9 gummy which is also < 0.3% THC content but they will give you a psychoactive experience, these D9 gummies do contain THC and will produce a positive test result for THC.


Are CBD Gummies legal?

CBD gummies are legal since CBD and hemp plants were legalized on the federal level in the 2018 Farm Bill. Hemp plants and CBD products with less than 0.3% THC are legal in the United States. THC, the active ingredient in marijuana known for its “high” effect, is illegal federally. 


How much CBD is in CBD Gummies? 

Our CBD gummies range from 10mg per gummy to 25mg per gummy. Our standard CBD gummies contain 10mg, and we recommend consuming one gummy twice per day. Our artisan CBD gummies contain 25mg, so we recommend starting with 1 artisan gummy per day.


Are CBD Gummies gluten free?

Browse the CBD gummies product pages to see the list of ingredients in each package. If you have any intolerances, such as gluten, you’ll want to read the ingredients carefully before purchasing. CBD itself is gluten-free, but each of our CBD gummies products has its own recipe.


Are CBD Gummies organic?

All of CBD American Shaman’s CBD oil gummies are made from organic, non-GMO hemp grown in the USA. The other ingredients in our products are organic when possible. More information can be found on each product page, but all ingredients meet our high standards for quality.

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