Getting a Bit More Creative with CBD

Getting a Bit More Creative with CBD

By David Nadel   |   February 04, 2020

One of the best things about CBD is that it absorbs into the body in such a wide variety of ways.  Our bodies seem to really love those hemp compounds, which is why they are so uniquely bioavailable.  People can vape CBD, ingest it in the form of delicious edibles, consume it in capsules, apply it under the tongue as a tincture, apply it to the skin and so much more.

By now, most experienced hemp users have experimented with most of the more conventional methods of CBD consumption.  But there are far more creative uses for CBD than topicals, vapes, edibles and tinctures. 


Creative Applications for CBD Users

So, with that said, this piece will be discussing some creative ways to use CBD that could enhance your favorite activities.



Who doesn’t love a massage?  Some of us love receiving a massage when we’re dealing with stress, aches and pains, and some of us love nothing more than giving our partner a massage as a special way to let them know that we care.  Regardless of whether you’re a giver or a receiver, CBD massage oil can take the ordinary massage to new heights.

Today, CBD topicals are everywhere.  It’s easy to find CBD massage oils that are infused with quality hemp compounds and are applied easily to the skin.  These oils are also easy to make all on your own. You can simply take your existing CBD oil and infuse it with essential oils to give it aromatherapeutic value.  Or, you can blend hemp extract with your personal favorite carrier oils for a truly customized oil.


Cooking and Baking

Do you have a flair for the culinary arts?  If so, you might be pleased to know that you can cook and bake with CBD.  When cooking and baking with CBD there are two basic rules: one is that the CBD oil must be blended with a fat to be effective, and two is that you must not heat the CBD above a certain temperature, or else its chemical compounds will break down and lose their potency in the process.

But, by following those two very easy rules, you can be well on your way to creating delicious masterpieces that don’t just taste great but provide the body with a wonderful dose of high-quality hemp.  Think of all the possibilities, from hemp-infused meat marinades to salad dressings, not to mention tasty desserts like cookies, candies, chocolates, brownies, muffins and so much more. 


CBD Baths

Is bath time your favorite time to unwind?  Well, what if we told you that your bath can be enhanced with CBD bath bombs?  Today, there are many hemp bath products on the market, including deliciously scented bath bombs, bath salts and bath oils.  Now, if you’re really creative, you can make your own customized bath goods using high-quality CBD oil and some other household ingredients.  Bath salts, bubble baths and bath bombs are all relatively easy to make, and you can enhance them with essential oils and dyes as you so please.


CBD Beauty Treatments

Most of us appreciate some pampering from time to time, especially when it helps us out in the looks department as well.  CBD beauty treatments are the next big thing to hit the industry, and today’s hemp beauty market offers serums, facial scrubs, face masks, moisturizes, toners and cleansers galore.  If you’re up for it, give yourself a full beauty facial treatment by layering all of these wonderful products in a row. Or, make your own using CBD oil and skin-friendly ingredients of your choosing.


CBD Hair Treatments

CBD hair products are also becoming very popular, due to the unique way in which hemp compounds efficiently absorb into the scalp, as well as the rest of the skin.  One of our favorite methods is a CBD oil treatment, where CBD oil is combined with a carrier oil known to boost the hair’s softness and shine. While your hair is getting adequately hydrated, the CBD is hard at work sending compounds throughout your scalp.


CBD Body Scrubs

Body scrubs are a luxurious treatment that leaves us feeling silky smooth.  Some body scrubs contain additional ingredients that ease aches and pains while drawing toxins out of the pores.  If you’re into body scrubs, you should try incorporating CBD into this decadent practice. Simply mix some of your favorite hemp oil with your favorite commercial body scrub and apply it liberally to the skin before taking a shower.  Or, even better, make your own CBD body scrub from scratch, combining the oil with salt or sugar as well as plant-based oils and fragrances that do your body and mind good.


CBD Heat Packs

If you struggle with regular aches and pains relating to the muscles and joints, you are probably familiar with heat packs.  Heat packs are applied directly to the painful area, supplying therapeutic levels of heat that ease tension throughout the muscular and joint tissue.  It’s actually fairly easy to make a heat pack using any number of methods. And, you can enhance a heat pack by soaking it in a CBD topical or hemp oil.

Some favorite methods for creating heat packs include taking a warm cloth and soaking it in hot water and taking a sock and filling it with rice before putting it in the microwave.  As you can see, these popular methods can both be made with products and ingredients that you already have lying around your house. But, in the case of hemp heat packs, CBD is the main star, providing your body with a topical dose of hemp compounds that work their way deep into the muscles and joints.


With Hemp, Creative Possibilities Exist

If you’re a creative person who happens to have a CBD hobby, consider using one of the exciting methods listed above.  Or, come up with your own creative use for CBD and let us know all about it.

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