Off the Charts! VG Cloud Tincture CBD Lab Tests: Part Two (Terpenes)

Off the Charts! VG Cloud Tincture CBD Lab Tests: Part Two (Terpenes)

By Meredith Summers   |   January 30, 2018

American Shaman CBD Product Lab Analysis: Focus on CBD Effectiveness

In the first part of this limited series, we covered the basic lab test results of our VG Cloud Tincture. The study showed a number of results we took a lot of pride in. Proving with solid evidence that our product is organic, effective and safe is our goal, and we knocked it out of the park!

But what about how effective our product is? It’s one thing to prove that our CBD products are safe and organic, but we are also focused on sharing results that speak to the effectiveness of our cannabis products.

Now pay attention, because this is the stuff that will help you decide whether or not you can actually benefit from CBD, and which types of products may be most appealing to you. Warning: the results are a little long, and may be a little more scientific than you are expecting, but stick with it. You’ll be glad you did.

What Are Terpenes And Why Do They Matter in CBD?

Terpenes are the compounds that give plants their individual characteristics, such as smell and flavor. When it comes to cannabis, they’re the building blocks behind all their benefits. But terpenes are also complicated to discuss, and even more complicated to advertise. Additionally, there’s no way to tell which terpenes are in a product unless you formally test it.

This little loophole has been a huge boon to several CBD companies everywhere. They may claim there are terpenes in their product, but if they don’t tell you which ones and how much is in there, then the statement can not be evaluated or trusted by a consumer.

VG Cloud Tincture Terpene Lab Tests

CBD American Shaman doesn’t have to mislead our audience about anything. Not only do we perform batch testing of all our productes, we also set the industry standards when it comes to evaluating safety and effectiveness of CBD products and cannabis therapies. After formal third-party testing, we’ve confirmed that our product has the following terpenes in it. 

We've listed the terpenes in VG Cloud Tincture in descending order, with the richest first, followed by a brief description. 

Eugenol (.176)

Coming in at number one with a weight percentage of .176, this terpene has been found to have powerful positive properties, and it can be found in everything from over-the-counter products to veterinary medicine.

Limonene (.131)

Limonene is associated with promoting calm, while elevating mood and increasing the user’s sense of well-being. In other words, we’re thrilled it took the number 2 spot. There is considerable interest in this terpene. 

Linanool (.129)

This terpene is also excellent for relieving and relaxing the user. Linanool has been used in a traditional medicinal systems and natural products as support for healthy sleep cycles.. This terpene may also have effects that can lead to clearer skin.

Terpineol (.123)

Terpineol is widely used in flavoring and preserving food.

Humulene (.087)

Humulene (.087) is most commonly found in hops. This terpene also explains why the scent of some "hoppy" IPAs may remind you of cannabis when opened, as the terpene is shared between both plants. 

Beta Caryophyllene (.08)

Also known as BCP, this anti-inflammatory terpene is also commonly found in oregano, cinnamon and black pepper. It’s been approved by the FDA as a dietary cannabinoid due to its properties.

A-Bisabolol (.071)

A-Bisabolol is being investigated for a wide variety of effects and is regarded as safe for use by the FDA. 

Honorable Mentions

Geraniol (.048), myrcene (.042), and A-pinene (.03) were also found in our tincture. These terpenes serve as mood enhancers.

So, there you have it. Our lab results have some of the most important terpenes your body craves to stay healthy. Every single one of these terpenes (as well as the actual product) is nonpsychoactive, meaning you won’t feel ‘high’ after taking it. But don’t take our word for it! Order some today and see for yourself.

The content on this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. While research has shown that CBD has the potential to help provide beneficial outcomes for several complaints, it is advisable to seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care provider when you have questions regarding any medical condition and when starting, augmenting or discontinuing any existing health routine. 

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