Science and Technology: Leading the CBD Industry into a New Decade

Science and Technology: Leading the CBD Industry into a New Decade

By David Nadel   |   February 04, 2020

It’s hard to believe that our industry has only been around for a little under a decade when you look at how far it has come over the last few years.  Remember when CBD first hit the market, and the general public knew next to nothing about it? Well, now, hemp has become so popular that many doctors are beginning to recommend it, and major retailers are toying with the idea of launching their own lines of CBD-infused goodies. 

The CBD market would not be where it is today if it weren’t for major advancements both scientifically and technologically speaking.  By blending together technology and science, we’ve been able to take the industry to new heights by supplying a wider variety of products, better formulations for enhanced bioavailability, a plethora of clinical studies and more.  And, seeing how profitable the CBD industry has become, we don’t expect these advancements to slow down anytime soon.

Now, the industry is more popular than ever before, and we have high hopes for the decade to come.  CBD is predicted to be a multi-billion-dollar industry within just a few years, and with all of this financial support, more and more new and exciting developments are happening every day.  The CBD industry needs this so that it can continue to find new ways to satisfy customers’ needs while proving its own legitimacy. 


Ways in Which the CBD Industry is Advancing

Today, we’re going to be talking about some of the most exciting advancements happening within the world of CBD.


#1: More Innovative Formulations

When CBD first came out, there weren’t a whole lot of different products out there.  Most companies offered tinctures, edible candies and vape oils.  Now, as we know, the market has a far greater diversity in terms of what it offers to consumers.  Now, we have topicals that come in all types of different formulations, we have capsules that are more bioavailable than ever before, and we have many more products that utilize advanced techniques to deliver CBD to the system in creative and personalized ways.  Additionally, we have a wider range to choose from when it comes to the hemp itself. More and more companies are developing strain-specific formulations, as well as isolate products that give us potent doses of particularly desirable compounds.


#2: More Scientific Studies on the Effects of Hemp

We couldn’t be more grateful for the scientific studies that have been done over the years, as they have given us greater insight into how hemp affects the human body.  This information doesn’t just help the industry formulate better products, but it helps consumers feel more comfortable about taking CBD on a regular basis. So many clinical studies have been done over the years that the medical community is finally taking note, which gives a sense of greater legitimacy to the market.


#3: More Efficient Cultivation Methods

Another great advancement is the development of more efficient cultivation methods that make it easier for hemp farmers to grow their product.  For one thing, new developments have come about that have made it easier for farmers to produce female plants, which are the ones with all of the desirable compounds.  Additionally, new crossbreeding techniques help farmers produce specific strains that can be enjoyed by users who prefer certain compounds over others.


#4: More Thorough Lab Testing

Lab testing has helped the CBD industry prove its legitimacy by making available to consumers unbiased information regarding the purity, quality and potency of a CBD product.  Labs have been able to determine more information about hemp than ever before thanks to more advanced testing techniques, thus giving customers highly specific information regarding the CBD that they are taking.


#5: A Deeper Understanding of the Bioavailability of Hemp Compounds

Bioavailabilty refers to the way in which CBD and other hemp compounds absorb into the body.  Over the last few years, we’ve been able to research the bioavailability of hemp compounds like never before, which has helped companies produce products that are even more capable of total compound absorption.  The more bioavailable a CBD product, the more effects a person can experience.


#6: A Wider Selection of Milligram Strengths

We now know that different people respond to different concentrations of CBD, and this has to do with many factors including body weight, personal needs and a person’s specific endocannabinoid system.  As a result, companies offer their products in a wider range of milligram strengths, making it easier for users to completely personalize their experience in order to get more satisfying results.


#7: More Education on CBD for the General Public

The more the general consumer knows about CBD, the more they can trust it and incorporate it into their daily routine.  We are thankful for the fact that more education is being shared with the general public regarding how CBD works and the effects that it may have.  This helps consumers trust the CBD industry and be willing to explore what it can do for them. A lot of this education comes from scientific research that has been published in mainstream publications, meaning that information regarding CBD is reaching the masses like never before.   


#8: CBD Products for Animals

One of the more exciting trends that we are seeing is CBD products specifically formulated for pets.  We now know, thanks to lots of research done over recent years, that CBD works in the same manner for every mammal, and that’s because all mammals have an endocannabinoid system which processes cannabinoids efficiently.  Therefore, lots of research has been done to test the effects of these hemp compounds on cats and dogs. And, as a result, the industry now offers a wide variety of products that can give our furry friends the same compounds that we are taking on a daily basis.  Even veterinarians are beginning to get onboard with this trend.


#9: More Studies on the Endocannabinoid System

Speaking of the endocannabinoid system, more and more scientific studies are being done in order to understand this fascinating bodily system on a deeper level.  This information directly benefits us because it teaches us more about how CBD actually works when consumed, and this allows products to be formulated with this information in mind.  It also helps us understand exactly why CBD works in the way that it does, and what makes it so unique from other plant compounds. It’s clear that hemp is unique in terms of its chemical makeup of highly bioavailable cannabinoids, and the more we know about this unique relationship between hemp and the human body, the better it is for both users and manufacturers.  And, we expect to learn even more in the coming years.


The CBD Industry Clearly Isn’t Slowing Down Any Time Soon

This is evident with the ever-growing popularity of the marketplace in general.  As the CBD industry continues to grow at a proper rate, we look forward to all of the technological and scientific developments that are to come.  But, for now, we can continue to enjoy the wide variety of products that are available thanks to advanced methods and lots of scientific research.

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