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The Rise and Rise of CBD: Why the Oil Is Predicted to Hit $1 Billion by 2020

The Rise and Rise of CBD: Why the Oil Is Predicted to Hit $1 Billion by 2020

By Meredith Summers   |   June 05, 2018

Growth Industry Overview: CBD Oil 

CBD oil is predicted to be a billion-dollar industry by 2020 — and that’s just in the US alone! As more and more people become aware of the nonpsychoactive oil, it’s only natural for their curiosity to spark. There was a lot of skepticism at first, but the public is starting to come around to a product that has a lot of upsides without a lot of downsides. While it’s impossible to predict what will happen in the political landscape, it’s worth noting why CBD oil is really starting to rise to the top.  

CBD Can Be Used Everywhere

One of the biggest reasons why CBD oil is taking off is due to the potential benefits it may help bring for those who use it, both inside and out. Manufacturers can turn it into a tincture as easily as they can turn it into a balm for your lips or even a treat for your feline friends. When CBD oil can be used in so many ways, then it can be marketed to practically everyone. People use it to help support a wide variety of normal body functions, to improve inner fortitude, to maintain overall health, and even to boost the appearance and vibrancy of the skin.

National Acceptance

CBD oil is still not beloved by everyone in the nation. Some people believe that its relationship to cannabis is simply too "dangerous" to even mess with. Even though it’s not addictive and doesn’t produce the psychoactive effects that THC does, there are still some people who want absolutely nothing to do with the controversial plant.

But the rise of CBD oil is moving in such a direction where it seems inevitable that people will need to accept that CBD oil may, in fact, help support a wide variety of normally functioning body systems, even if it can't be an alternative to the "safe" solutions being pushed upon us all by big pharma and it's pill for every ill mentality. As pharmaceutical companies continue to churn out medication after medication with truly ghastly side effects, it’s causing more people (even the mainstream ones!) to ask what they can do to maintain healthy lifestyles.

A World of Learning

Cbd terpene rich topical serum

Despite the fact that there are millions of CBD users out there, it may shock you to learn just how little we actually know about it. In one sense, that may make you question whether or not CBD oil is going to become so big. How can we predict the rise if we don't have access to information about its long-term effects? But one thing we do know is that people have been using cannabis for many millennia. We’re not saying it’s 100% perfect (because nothing is), but it can be assumed that the chances of a "CBD epidemic" that would come close to having the same impact as the "opiod crisis" has had on our nation are quite slim.  

The real conclusion here is that we still don’t know just how the growth of CBD oil and related industries will pan out. One indicator is that inclination of federal agencies and pharmaceutical companies attempting to cash in on this emerging market, while limiting the success of the little guy. 

Now that the FDA has eyed a pharmaceutical cannibidiol product for specific seizure disorders, we’re going to start learning more about the potential of cannabis therapy for different kinds of ailments.

Of course, as more interest and information rolls in, it will be easier for people to find and utilize mainstream research to help them decide if they want to explore cannibidiol for themselves. This could, of course, cause sales to soar and make no mistake: the industry is in a very exciting stage! What remains to be seen is what role federal regulation and oversight may have in sustaining or limiting growth in non-pharmaceutical players. 

Keep your eyes peeled, and expect the best! 


The content on this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. While research has shown that CBD has the potential to help provide beneficial outcomes for several complaints, it is advisable to seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care provider when you have questions regarding any medical condition and when starting, augmenting or discontinuing any existing health routine. 


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