When's the Best Time to Take CBD?

When's the Best Time to Take CBD?

By David Nadel   |   February 04, 2020

Taking CBD is a highly personalized experience.  Everyone’s body is unique, and so everyone reacts to CBD in their own unique way.  This is one of the main reasons why such a vast array of products are available on the market.  It allows users to customize their hemp experience based on their needs, preferences, body and other factors.

When we create a hemp routine for ourselves, we take a lot of things into consideration.  We determine the right milligram strength based on how potent we want or need the hemp to be per dose.  We consider the delivery method, as this not only produces unique effects, but appeals to our senses. And, we consider which type of extract we consume based on the compounds that we deem the most desirable.

One of the factors that we don’t pay as much attention to is timing.  In fact, timing is very important, and this is especially the case for those who are trying to accomplish something specific with CBD.  Say you’re taking CBD for a calming experience. Needless to say, you want to time your dose right so that you can be in the right state of mind to enjoy relaxation.

Today, we’re going to talk about the best ways to time your CBD intake for the best experience possible.  But, bear in mind that it is recommended that first-time hemp users start out by taking their CBD when they have nothing planned for a few hours, so that they can see how the experience affects them without having any other responsibilities.


Absorption Rates and Timing

Before we break down the best timing for each product, let’s quickly talk about how different delivery methods have different absorption rates.  The absorption rate refers to the length of time between taking a dose of CBD and having its effects active within the body.  Each delivery method produces a different absorption rate, and this has to do with where in the body it is applied.

As you’ll see, timing must be taken into consideration according to the delivery method, as each delivery method has its own unique length of time before it peaks, so to speak.


Using a CBD Topical

CBD topicals are hemp-infused products that are applied externally – that is to say, applied to the skin.  They are not consumed internally, and so they only work with the area of the body onto which they are applied.  CBD topicals absorb quickly because the compounds are highly efficient when it comes to making their way through the skin’s many layers before reaching the muscular and joint tissue beneath.

CBD topicals can work instantly for many, and may provide results for hours at a time.  Most users report that topicals can active within fifteen minutes.

If you’re taking a topical for a localized issue, apply it knowing that its effects are fast.  Also, remember that when consumed in this manner, it won’t affect you anywhere but the area of application.  This means that you can be more liberal with the timing, and can apply the topical several times daily if you wish.

With CBD topicals, ultimately, they are best applied on an as-needed basis. 


Consuming a CBD Edible

CBD edibles are CBD products that are ingested.  This means that they absorb by working through the digestive tract before getting processed by the liver.  From there, the hemp compounds are finally released into the bloodstream.

The digestive tract is not known for working incredibly fast, and so edibles can take one to two hours to take effect, depending on your body’s metabolism and what you’ve consumed that day.  Knowing this, you should consume an edible one to two hours before you wish for it to take effect.

The nature of edibles allows the compounds to stay active for several hours in most cases, and generally the CBD is more subtle in terms of how it is felt.  This is why most users take an edible in the morning, and one at night.


Taking a CBD Capsule

CBD capsules and pills are just like edibles.  They are processed by the body in the same manner, which is why the timing of taking capsules is basically the same as edibles, as we described above.


Taking a CBD Tincture

CBD Tinctures are unique in that they absorb via the sublingual tissue.  This is the fleshy tissue beneath the tongue, and it’s known for being highly absorbent.  Tinctures are poured under the tongue, and they are left there for one minute until they are swallowed.  Tinctures tend to take about fifteen to thirty minutes before they peak. They tend to be relatively potent and last for a couple of hours after administration.  This means that if you’re taking a tincture daily, take it about thirty minutes before you wish for it to take effect. Some people take CBD tinctures several times during the day, but many prefer to take them once each day prior to going to bed.


Using a CBD Vape Oil

CBD vape oils absorb the fastest of all the internal methods, and this is because of how inhalation works.  CBD vape oils can peak within minutes, and while the activation is short-lived, it’s especially potent.  This is why people tend to vape CBD on an as-needed basis. This makes it easy in terms of timing. When you want some CBD in your system, take a puff or two off of your vaporizer device.  Within minutes, the CBD should be fully absorbed and active. You can vape a CBD e-liquid throughout the day as you wish.


Truly Having the Best “Time” with CBD in Another Way!

When it comes to having a successful CBD experience, timing is just one of the many factors that must be taken into consideration when developing a daily routine.  It’s also one of the most important, as you can now see.

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