Why Grab That Second Cup of Coffee When You Can Take CBD Oil?

Why Grab That Second Cup of Coffee When You Can Take CBD Oil?

By Meredith Summers   |   July 02, 2018

Ahh. Coffee. Rich, hot, perky. Coffee shops continue to thrive today, even in an age of espresso machines and cappuccino makers. In an age that’s so disconnected, it’s kind of nice to have a neighborhood place you can go to get your caffeine jolt. But you don’t have to have multiple cups of coffee throughout the day to get the energy you need. You may be able to take CBD oil to get a much gentler response from your body when you’re starting to feel your energy wane. You know, so you can skip the mega highs followed by the inevitable crash that’s just around the corner. See why the next time you reach into your wallet for that second cup of coffee, you may want to get a bagel or even a decaf frap instead.

The Negatives of Caffeine 

Caffeine may be just what you need to get yourself out of bed in the morning, but it’s time to ask yourself what that energy is really costing you. Lots of caffeine can lead to major blood pressure problems in the long-term. Without even realizing it, it may also be contributing to those headaches or stomach aches that seem to come from nowhere. Your tolerance may seem remarkably high, but it depends on everything from your diet to your hormones. Caffeine has loads of benefits for you of course. It may cut the risk of cancer and stroke, plus it’s usually a sign that you’re a go-getter and want to get as much as possible out of your day. (That’s why we suggest weaning yourself off from high amounts of caffeine rather than cutting out altogether.) But too much can literally kill you if your high blood pressure is the main contributor to a fatal heart attack.  

CBD Oil for Energy 

CBD oil is known for giving you a bit of a spark right when you first take it and then mellowing you out a bit by bit after that. It seems to work with your body’s natural clock to help you feel...however it is you should be feeling. So when you’re starting to feel like you want to take a nap at your desk at around 3 pm, you can turn the beat around by taking CBD oil to tide you over until you proverbially clock out. It can help you concentrate on what’s in front of you, so you can get more done in less time. You may find yourself being considered for a promotion if you opt for CBD oil over the pot in the office break room. When your head hits the pillow that night at 11 pm (or even midnight), you might be shocked at just how much better your sleep is. So when you want a ‘soothing’ cup of coffee before your next presentation, you might want to consider this substitution. 

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Summing It Up 

So you won’t get the same sense of community that you’ll get at a coffee shop from taking CBD oil, but you can still get out and into a buzzing and happy atmosphere without having to buy something that can potentially harm your body. Try CBD oil today if you’re looking to cut out that second (or even third) cup of coffee from your daily routine.




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