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Can CBD Oil Be Used to Treat Fungi?

Can CBD Oil Be Used to Treat Fungi?

By Meredith Summers   |   March 28, 2018

There's A Fungus Among Us...Can CBD Help?

Antifungal medications aren’t often discussed in everyday society. Despite the ostensible connection, they’re not exactly seen as a very fun topic. Ultimately, this leads to a lot of hush-hush over the less glamorous conditions of the human body, while other afflictions get nothing but funding, paise, and attention.

But quiet surrounding any topic is a good way for information to get lost and for confusion to run rampant. So let’s take a little time out to devote to the fungi of the world, and how humans can combat their annoying side effects. We’ll also look at why CBD oil's effects on those side effects deserves research.

Cells and Consequences

The majority of science and research happens at the cell level. To really understand anything biological, including fungi, we have to take a far closer look than just that rash on your arm. You may or may not recall from high school biology that fungi are eukaryotes with that all-important construct known as DNA. Unlike bacteria, a fungus is much closer in make-up to your regular cells than it is to, say, bacteria. In order to keep the surrounding healthy cells, well, healthy, anti-fungals will inhibit the production of ergosterol in fungi. This ultimately helps to destroy the cell membranes of the fungi without harming human cells in the process. And if the membranes aren’t there to protect the fungus, the fungus should eventually die off.

The Natural Properties of CBD Oil

Research needs to be conducted into whether CBD oil has antibacterial properties. Of course, what you might be thinking is ‘what’s really the big deal about this?’ Lemons don’t love bacteria, and we’re not writing an article about them! (But maybe we should!) What’s notable about CBD oil is that it tends to be helpful when it comes to maintaining normal body processes.

Cannabis is often referred to as ‘weed’ because it tends to grow in large quantities with very little help. It can do this because it’s managed to build up some very strong defenses when it comes to bacteria, viruses, and yes, even fungi. Plus, certain strains contain the terpene caryophyllene oxide, which is known to serve a cease and desist order to fungi.

Cbd terpene rich topical serum

What We Know About Hemp and Fungi

Like practically everything else in life, humans don’t know nearly as much as they think they do. CBD oil still has a stigma today in certain parts of America, but tomorrow it may be hailed as the savior we’ve all been looking for. (Spoiler alert: Neither opinion is the right one.) What we do know though is that there needs to be more research done in terms of how CBD oil can be used.

The plant's natural terpenes make it resistant to fungus, and it's worth researching whether applying those same terpenes to the body bring the same benefits. After all, hemp has been used for centuries across the globe as a part of traditional health promotion. While there is much research yet to be done, we do know that as we look to the future, natural methods for dealing with fungal growth will likely continue to gain popularity. There is a clear reason for this, and is one of several reasons why scientific research into the effects of CBD needs to accelerate.

Why Do We Need CBD Oil?

When it comes to current thought regarding the eradication of fungal growth, may people have found that the pharmaceutical options presented can be invasive and lead to undesired effects on the human body. Some people have severe reactions to standard prescriptions and OTC medications on the market. Those interested in a more natural form of dealing with fungi should make their voices heard in calling for scientific research into CBD preparations.

Some fungi are far more destructive than others, so it’s important to know what you’re up against. Toenail fungus may not look very sexy, but it’s probably not going to kill you. Other fungi are deadly though, so if you suspect you have a fungal infection, you definitely need to start by connecting with your health care provider. This is also a great way to introduce a conversation about alternative wellness options like CBD into your health routine. Start there, and remember that your body is a miracle of biology, just like the fungi inhabiting it and the terpene rich hemp plant that has grown on the planet for millennia. 


The content on this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. While research has shown that CBD has the potential to help provide beneficial outcomes for several complaints, it is advisable to seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care provider when you have questions regarding any medical condition and when starting, augmenting or discontinuing any existing health routine. 


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