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Is Vet CBD Oil Right for My Pet?

By Spike Bowan   |   June 18, 2018

What is Vet CBD Oil?  

In the realm of veterinary medicine, just as in human medicine, there is research being conducted and advancements being made in the realm of cannabis-based therapies. One of the front runners in that realm of cannabis therapies is veterinary CBD oils to treat a variety of ailments pets may experience.  

CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is a naturally-occurring substance extracted from hemp plants. Veterinary CBD oil is made specifically for animals to help with anxiety, promote health, and support brain functions. Vet CBD oil is made the same way CBD oil is made for humans but it contains added flavor to make it more palatable and easier for pets to take. 

As with normal CBD, vet CBD oil doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects or a high in animals. This is because vet CBD oils contain no more than 0.3% of the psychoactive component found in cannabis plants called tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Some vet CBD oil products contain no THC to accommodate states that ban THC products or for pet owners who want THC-free products for their pets.  

Vet CBD oil is becoming popular amongst veterinary practitioners as a natural way to deal with pet health issues. Veterinarian researchers have found that vet CBD oil may help with pet epilepsy, arthritis, and anxiety. Here is what you need to know about vet CBD oil to see if it is right for your pet. 


How Does Vet CBD Oil Work? 

CBD products for pets work similarly to CBD products for humans since the products have the same ingredients except for added natural flavors, like beef and cheese flavor for dogs. The benefits of CBD for pets are similar to those of humans because both humans’ and animals’ bodies have endocannabinoid systems that react to cannabinoids like CBD.  Vet CBD oil reacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the animal’s body which can create a feeling of balance, help regulate everyday stress, calm the mind, and ease discomfort. 


What are the Benefits of Vet CBD Oil? 

Most pet CBD oils are made from natural ingredients, unlike alternative medicines that can cause adverse effects from harmful additives. Since CBD is plant-based, it’s a safe alternative to traditional medications to help anxiety, joint pain, epilepsy, and inflammation. CBD for pets contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help ease discomfort. Pet CBD oil is also known to have a calming effect on animals.


Vet CBD Oil Side Effects 

There are a few side effects some pets may experience from using CBD oil. The side effects include drowsiness, diarrhea, vomiting, and itching and can occur with the use of any plant oils since some animals could have an allergy to it. These side effects should stop once the CBD wears off and is out of the pet’s system. If your pet experiences any of these side effects, it is recommended that you discontinue administering CBD to your pet or cut back on the dosage. Sometimes dosages that are too high without acclimation can cause these side effects. If your pet exhibits allergic reactions like itching, hives or sneezing, it’s recommended you discontinue CBD oil permanently.


Which is the Best CBD Oil for Dogs or Cats? 

Unfortunately, not all CBD oils are made the same. When deciding which company to purchase your pet’s CBD oil from, you should look to see if the CBD is lab tested and check the ingredients. Some pet CBD oil products that claim to contain CBD oil may, in fact, contain no CBD or contain very small amounts of CBD. Companies that have their CBD internally lab tested and tested by a third-party are more reliable than companies who don’t test their CBD. These tests verify the product potency and purity standards are met to ensure a high-quality product. 

Once you pick the right company to purchase from, you need to pick the right product for your pet. There are many ways to administer CBD to your pet like hemp-infused treats, oral tinctures,  and water solubles. CBD oils can be mixed into their food or applied under the tongue. Many pet CBD oil products also come in different flavors. Picking the right product depends on your pet’s preference for treats, foods, and flavors. 

If your pet is on medication, we recommend you consult your veterinarian before introducing CBD oil to your pet’s daily routine. Some medications could interact negatively with CBD or even counteract the effects of the medication. CBD doesn’t need a prescription or recommendation from a veterinarian in order to purchase or administer it to your pet.


Why Buy CBD American Shaman’s CBD Oil for Pets

Picking the right CBD for your pet is important for their well-being and will put your mind at ease. At CBD American Shaman, our pet CBD products are made from high quality, non-GMO, terpene-rich hemp. Providing full-spectrum CBD oil for pets is important to us to ensure your pet’s endocannabinoid system is getting the full effects of all compounds of the hemp plant. All of our products are lab tested to make sure we provide the highest quality of purity and potency in our CBD products. Our packaging includes suggested serving sizes for all dog and cat weights so administration to your pet is easy and precise. 

Our products are flavored to ensure your pet will love taking their CBD. Our dog CBD products come in a variety of flavors including peanut butter, turkey, beef and cheese, and chicken. Our feline products are made with chicken or catnip flavor to make for a tasty experience for your cat. We also even offer CBD products for horses. 

We are here to offer the best and smooth experience for you and your furry friends. We understand you want the best for your pet, that is why we make high-quality CBD products for your pets. 


The content on this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. While research has shown that CBD has the potential to help provide beneficial outcomes for several complaints, it is advisable to seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care provider when you have questions regarding any medical condition and when starting, augmenting or discontinuing any existing health routine.


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